Tribe Frost jewellery is handcrafted in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Dubai by London born founder, Shareen Blackman. Shareen’s love for jewellery began at a young age however, her appreciation did not fully bloom until 2017 when she established Tribe Frost.

Today she designs and creates jewellery for the modern goddess. For the on-the-go woman who needs style to be effortless. Fine gold jewellery that can be worn individually for just a little frosting, or layered up to reflect a more personal style.  The Tribe Frost babe wants versatility – everyday jewellery that can be carried into any occasion, from day to night; classic pieces with a contemporary twist; elegant designs with an edge; affordability without compromising on that luxe feel – the collection is created as an expression of these concepts.

Happy browsing and welcome to the tribe.